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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flippity free to use?

  • Yes, but some features are supported by ads. (See below)
  • The Flippity website, including the underlying code, is copyrighted. All rights reserved.
    • (Feel free to use Flippity and share your creations with others. Do not feel free to copy my work and create your own duplicate version of Flippity.)

Will Flippity work on any computer?

  • It's been tested on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge on a variety of computers, tablets, and phones.
  • Javascript must be enabled.
  • (Some audio features require using Google Chrome or Safari on iOS.)

How many people can use the same Flippity link at the same time?

  • There is no limit to the number of users simultaneously using a Flippity link. But keep in mind Flippity is not collaborative. Each user will have their own distinct version of the activity; no one will be able to see what anyone else is doing.

Can my students save their progress somehow?

  • No. Since there are no student accounts or logins with Flippity, there is no way for students to save what they've done in a Flippity activity and return to it later.

How can I see what my students are doing? How can I tell if students complete activities?

  • Certain Flippity activities (Virtual Breakout, Spelling Words, Certificate Quiz, and Typing Test) can be configured to automatically email results to you upon completion but otherwise there is no way to remotely observe students' work. The best you can do is share screens during a video conference or ask students to email screenshots of their progress.

Is there a Flippity app?

Is there a Flippity add-on or extension?

  • Not at this time. (There was a Flippity Add-on that could be installed in Google Sheets. It is no longer supported because it was too much work keeping it running properly and listed on the Google Marketplace.)
  • You don't need an add-on or extension Flippity. All templates are available for download at Flippity.net.

How do I insert images?

  • Read the instructions for the template you're using. Different templates have different methods of incorporating images.
  • Generally speaking, you need to provide the URL (web address) of an image that is already posted online somewhere. It doesn't work to insert images into a Google spreadsheet (Google doesn't provide access to those images when the spreadsheet is published so Flippity can't see them).
  • If you're having trouble with images, see Troubleshooting.

Why isn't Flippity working for me?

Does Flippity work without an internet connection?

  • Um… sort of. Once they are loaded, most pages no longer require a connection.
  • You can save a local copy (which you can later open offline) from most browsers by pressing Control + S.
  • (Images, fonts, and videos may not display properly without an internet connection. Results cannot be emailed without an internet connection.)

I have several Google accounts. How can I select which account my Flippity templates are copied to?

  • Flippity has no control over Google accounts. Which account the Flippity template saves to depends on your browser settings and which account you've logged-in to your browser with. To ensure your template is copied into the correct Google account, sign-in with that account before visiting Flippity.net. If logging-out and switching accounts is a hassle, use a different browser or an incognito window.

Is Flippity secure?

  • Yes. Flippity has an industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate which means the connection between the web browser and the Flippity web server is securely encrypted as long as the web address begins with "https" rather than "http." When SSL is functioning your web browser will indicate it with the word "secure" or a lock icon in the address bar.
  • Flippity can also function with a non-secure (http) connection.
  • If you import/embed non-secure content into a Flippity template (such as a link to an image on a website beginning with "http") your web browser will indicate the connection is not secure or not completely secure.

Are my Flippity spreadsheets private?

  • Technically, no, but keep reading…
  • Once you've published a Google spreadsheet the data is publicly available to anyone who types that URL into their web browser. However, the odds of anyone correctly guessing the 44-character key in the middle of your URL is approximately one in three followed by 79 zeros. It would be significantly easier for someone to guess the password to your email account. Flippity uses the same 44-character key in its URLs.
  • How many people know the link to your Flippity templates is entirely dependent on how widely you publicize them. No one else has any way of knowing they exist.
  • If you stop publishing your spreadsheet or delete it altogether, the Flippity link will cease to function.

What's Flippity's privacy policy?

Is there some sort of premium account? Can I block the ads?

  • There are no special accounts available for teachers or students.
  • Before asking about blocking ads, please consider the following:
    • Ad revenue allows Flippity to be free and also allows for its continued maintenance, upkeep, and improvement.
    • Ads are the easiest and most efficient way of generating revenue. No need for subscriptions, payment processing, or creating student accounts.
    • Flippity has a limited number of ads designed to have minimal impact.
    • Flippity ad settings are tailored to be appropriate for young audiences. Categories such as gambling, dating, sex, drugs, and alcohol are blocked.

Can I sell Flippity activities that I design on Teachers Pay Teachers?

  • No. That would be in violation of the Terms of Service which prohibit the sale, rental, or sub-licensing of material from Flippity.net.
  • It would also be a bad idea as you would be selling something you have no control over. Flippity does not guarantee any activity will continue to work the way you intend after your sale, and you have no way of preventing your customers from sharing your Flippity links with others.

How do I contact you?